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The association of Osgood Films and Musselburgh RFC began in September 2015 when Calum began working as a match day cameraman for the club. Since then, we have seen the launch of their first YouTube channel and also brand new match highlights for their games in the Tennants National Division 1. Check out a video on the right!

Whilst also creating match highlights, the club started to experiment with promotional videos, such as the one shown here on the left as a teaser for the season of 2018/19. The home highlights became a standard sight on the social channels of the club and also more exclusive content such as behind the scenes and interviews with coaches and players

In 2019, Musselburgh RFC granted full access for Osgood Films to control all social media activity and to build a new website for the club as they 

The new website was first launched on the 1st July 2019 to a warm welcome with supporters. As the season started, highlights of every game was being uploaded to the channel as well as new graphics for