Director: Charles Hindley and Calum Johnston

Producer and Editor: Calum Johnston

Camera: Matthew Charles, Ruaridh Daunton and Cameron Eadie

Sound: Cameron Chisholm

Music Score: Reace Black


Starring: Nicola Wood, Rowan MacFarlane, Alex Fleming, Holly Eunson, Emma Atkin, Mary-Beth McFern, Ralph Bannerman, Emily Chandler, Hannah Spencer, Holly Merritt, Shannon Mackenzie, Isla Renwick, and  Katy Mackale.



BOXING day, 2004. The world is rocked by the news that a giant tidal wave has struck the coastline of countless countries and shattered the lives of thousands.


A decade on, tsunami survivor Rose hits her mid teens and finds herself at a crossroads: which way will she choose to go? Scarred by awful memories, Rose fights her own inner battle to take control of her thoughts and feeling and learn to live again. It's a battle she must win...